We don’t ever like to take ourselves too seriously – and we feel that you shouldn’t either; especially when it comes to wine. As commonplace as the beverage has become, there is a lingering stigma surrounding it, even still.

     As we’ve been active with our mission to bring its fun, approachable nature to light, we consistently have conversations surrounding certain aspects of wine that we aim to change.

     We want to show you that wine should be fun. To throw the rules aside and drink what you like. We would like you to understand WHY you like something, and how to ask for it when you are at a restaurant or shopping at a wine store. We want you to know how the experts arrive at certain pairings, but that if you want to disregard those suggestions, that it’s OKAY!

     Our goal is to make the topic, experience, and conversation around wine, fun and easy. Our goal is to provide you and your friends, family, colleagues, or staff with a fun experience you will never forget.

     We created Grape Gatherings with hopes that in the comfort of your home, your favorite restaurant or your business – that you will want to ask those questions that have always been on your mind. We want you to laugh a bit louder, talk freely, and open your mind to new wine and the experiences that surround them. There is truly nothing better than spending a great evening with friends, sipping on some great wine, and hey – maybe even learning a thing or two!

     We are so very excited to share our passion and love of wine with you and your family and friends; And we hope to share a unique and special experience with you soon, at your own Grape Gathering!


Meghan & James LaCourteCo-Founders, Grape Gatherings